Mortgage Renewals

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Renewing Your Mortgage

Whether your mortgage is with Street Capital or another financial institution, if your current mortgage is up for renewal now is the perfect time to speak with one of our mortgage specialists to discuss your renewal options. 


Together we can discuss ways to help you reduce interest charges on your new mortgage, pay down your existing debt faster, or learn about other options available to best support your current financial situation. If your mortgage is with another financial institution, we can show you the benefits of choosing Street Capital Bank of Canada as your next mortgage provider.


For existing Street Capital Bank of Canada clients, as a resource we offer a convenient set of commonly asked questions about mortgage renewals.  If your question is still unresolved, please contact the mortgage servicing phone number located on our Customer Service page.

Mortgage Renewal FAQs

How do I renew my Street Capital mortgage?

Renewing your mortgage is easy!

Approximately 90 days prior to the maturity date of your mortgage a renewal package will be mailed to you.  Please thoroughly read your renewal package, then initial, sign, and return your renewal offer according to the instructions and deadlines outlined in your renewal package.


In order to renew your mortgage, your mortgage must be in good standing.

Do I have to requalify to renew my mortgage?

No! Requalification is not required to renew your mortgage.

Save time by renewing your mortgage with Street Capital! The advantage of accepting your Street Capital renewal offer as opposed to moving your mortgage elsewhere is that you do not need to go through the hassle of re-qualifying for a new mortgage at a new financial institution.  Simply initial, sign, and return the renewal offer according to the instructions in your renewal package. It's as easy as that!


In order to renew your mortgage, your mortgage must be in good standing.

I have not received my renewal package. What do I do?

Contact the Street Capital Servicing Centre

Please contact our mortgage servicing centre and ask to speak to a mortgage specialist. The mortgage specialist will be able to answer all of your questions.

As a Street Capital customer, what mortgage rate will I be offered?

We will offer you our best available rates and renewal terms!

If you have any questions about your renewal offer, including the rate, please contact our mortgage servicing centre using the contact information found in your renewal package.


I'm being offered a lower rate with another institution. Should I call Street Capital to discuss?

Yes! Contact the Street Capital mortgage servicing department found in your renewal package.

Not all mortgage rates or offers are created equal. It is important to understand the terms and conditions you are being offered. 


A Mortgage Specialist will help ensure you are getting the right mortgage product for your unique personal circumstance.  At Street Capital we know a mortgage is about more than an interest rate - you have to consider other money saving options such as your ability to make prepayments or increase your regular payment amount in order to pay down your mortgage faster.  Some competitor mortgages may even have restrictions on your ability to break your mortgage early even in the event your situation changes your home financing requirements.


Please contact the mortgage servicing centre as shown in your renewal package and ask to speak to a Mortgage Specialist.  Our Mortgage Specialists may be able to beat our competitors' rates or provide you with alternate mortgage solutions to fit your needs.


What happens if mortgage rates drop after I sign back my renewal package?

Not to Worry! You will automatically receive the LOWER rate.

If our rates at the time of renewal are lower than the rates in our Renewal Offer, you will automatically receive the LOWER rate described in your renewal offer.

What if I don’t return my signed renewal offer?

Your Street Capital mortgage will be auto renewed.

If you do not initial, sign, and return your renewal offer on or before the maturity date, your mortgage will be renewed in accordance with Street Capital's auto renewal policy as set out in your renewal package. Please be sure to read your renewal package carefully.


Am I able to refinance for additional funds at maturity?

Yes, Street Capital does accept applications to refinance mortgages from existing customers.

Refinancing your mortgage is a great way to use the equity in your home to renovate your home or consolidate debt. However, Street Capital currently only offers refinancing to existing customers under certain circumstances. Please contact our mortgage servicing centre and ask to speak a Mortgage Specialist to see if you qualify. 

Do I have to wait to receive my renewal package to take advantage of lower rates?

No! Renew Street Capital mortgage at any time!

You may apply to renew your Street Capital mortgage before the maturity date. Please contact the Street Capital mortgage servicing centre for further details. Fees or penalties may apply.

Should I consult with my mortgage broker about my Street Capital renewal offer?

The decision is up to you.

Your Street Capital Mortgage Specialist can answer all your questions about mortgage products and best rates, as well as assist you with completing your renewal package. Remember, moving your mortgage to another financial institution involves requalification.

I don't want to Renew with Street Capital. What do I do?

Call us First!

In the event you are considering not renewing your mortgage with Street Capital, we strongly recommend that you call us first using the phone number found in your renewal package.  Discuss with our renewal specialist the reason you are considering to not renew with Street Capital as our renewal specialist may be able to provide the right solution for your concern.